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More Than 48 Years In The Industry

Incorporated on 03 Aug 1974, Mahyuddin & Siew has its origins from a private limited company established by the pioneer partners in response to the Government policy of encouraging Bumiputera participation in business ventures. Hence, two founding principals, Haji Mahyuddin bin Shahabuddin and Siew Hoong Chong, amassed their resources and experience in the surveying profession to form Mahyuddin & Siew.

Forty eight years later, the company flourish, prosper and thrive under a few new partners namely Sr Abdul Majid Bin Abdul Hamid and Sr Haji Noor Aznan Bin Kasim being major share holders with Sr Tang Chet Poh and Sr Nazareth Austin at 60%, 20%, 20% shareholding.


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Our Services

Mahyuddin & Siew specialises in professional land survey services such as:
Land Consulting and Title Surveys
Engineering Surveys
Setting-Out Surveys
Hydrographic Surveys
Underground Utilities Detection Surveys
Aerial Photogrammetry


To provide one stop center services for the application and issuance of land title for ownership in large scale land developments in both landed title and strata title as well as individual ownership of alienated land.

To collect precise survey data for the topography of land, details of man made structures and buried utilities to end user such as engineers, architects, developers, cultivator, miners and etc.

To provide solution to land matters and to resolve all land matter related problems. To liaise with all appropriate authority and obtain approval in the shortest possible time.

To provide options of latest survey technology such as air borne survey and 3D scanning to expedite data collection for preliminary studies for very large scale development, long distance route or specific purpose survey

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